Located in the western part of the province of Córdoba, part of it falls inside the Sierra de Hornachuelos Nature Reserve, set up in 1989. Cork oaks are abundant in the area so cork extraction has a long tradition here.

The centre preserves the structure of an Arab town, with steep, narrow streets. Agriculture is basic to the economy here but the flow of visitors that the park generates and hunting activities have led to the emergence of tourism services, especially rural accommodation.



Visit the remains of Roman villas, castles, paintings on medieval walls, ancient monasteries, etc., there is a wealth of architectural, historical and artistic heritage to explore. For walkers, a wide range of well signposted trails through the reserve will help you to get to know it.

In the town, don’t miss the castle and city walls, the caves and hanging houses, the hermitage El Salvador, the Church of Santa Maria de las Flores, the Garden of Moratalla and the Monastery of Santa Maria de las Escalonias.

If you are interested in finding out about the reserve in detail, go to the Huerta del Rey Visitor Centre where permanent exhibitions tell you all about the fauna, flora and things to do.



As we enter the borough of Hornachuelos, orange trees dominate the landscape. The oranges are sure to have ripened on the trees so their flavour is really intense. In addition, along with hunting, this area is home to another ancestral activity: beekeeping.

Hornachuelos celebrates its own unique festivals like the Cruces de Mayo, Corpus Christi or the Pilgrimage of San Abundio; which usually involves decorating the streets and balconies of the town and traditional dances and songs of the area. As for the cuisine, do not miss the delicious venison sausage or the specially prepared leg of deer. If you have a sweet tooth local desserts include sweet crackers and biscuits, doughnuts or fritters.

The town of San Calixto. Photo: Hornachuelos Tourist Office


Moratalla Palace and Gardens. Photo: Hornachuelos Tourist Office


Grazulema-Ocio organizes activities in the Nature Reserve of Sierra de Hornachuelos. For further information call: 686 526 893 or 697 783 693.



Hornachuelos Town Hall
Plaza Constitución 1
14740 Hornachuelos, Córdoba
T. 957 641 051

Hornachuelos Tourist Office
C. Antonio Machado 6
14740 Hornachuelos, Córdoba
T. 957 640 786

Huerta del Rey Visitor Centre
Ctra. Hornachuelos – San Calixto (A-3151), km 1,5
14740 Hornachuelos, Córdoba
T. 957 579 656


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