Ecotourism taking you to the corklands of Spain.

Take the byways that thread across the Iberian Peninsula from one cork oak forest to the next and discover a world far from the beaten track. From the meadows of the Sierra de San Pedro in Extremadura, to the steep slopes and deep ravines of the Alcornocales Nature Reserve in Andalusia and onto the rolling hills of Les Gavarres in Catalonia, the wonders of the world of cork await you. Overnight accomodation in charming rural hotels along the way.

Winery tours. Photo: Courtesy of Two Birds One Stone

Area: Sierra de San Pedro (Extremadura), Los Alcornocales Nature Reserve (Andalusia) and Les Gavarres Massif (Catalonia).

Suitable for: Families, adults, students and other groups, senior citizens…

Season: All year.

Keywords: cork in Spain, Los Alcornocales Nature Reserve, Les Gavarres Massif, Sierra de San Pedro, corkland tour, etc.

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