Getaway to the Corklands: Two nights at the rural hotel Posada La Casa Grande, with trips to the cork oak forest and cork craft workshops.

Get to know the ecological and economic importance of cork oak forests and the product they provide: the cork. Visit the forest to see how the bark is stripped from the trees with a guide, then on to a processing plant and finally to two local craft workshops.

The work of the muleteer, Los Alcornocales. Photo: Courtesy of Posada La Casa Grande

Area: Los Alcornocales Nature Reserve. Los Barrios, Cádiz.

Suitable for: Families, adults, students and other groups, senior citizens…

Season: June, July and August. The rest of the year only the cork workshops are available for guided visits.

Keywords: Los Alcornocales Nature Reserve, Rural Hotel Parque Los Alcornocales, cork craft workshop, visit to a cork processing factory, etc.

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