An invitation to discover the delights of the Sierra de San Pedro and the surrounding area, magnificent territory best understood through the cork oak.

The delicate task of stripping the cork from the oaks is performed manually by experienced workers and is well worth seeing. While in the forest, see the Spanish imperial eagle, the black vulture and the black stork, who have their home there. Enjoy the local cuisine, including renowned products like Iberian cured ham. Make time too, to admire the rich cultural heritage: the Neolithic dolmens, together one of the most important megalithic sites in Europe, the Jewish Gothic Quarter of Valencia de Alcántara, the Old Town of Cáceres and the world heritage site of Mérida.

Meadowlands, Sierra de San Pedro. Photo: Courtesy of Two Birds One Stone

Area: Sierra de San Pedro, Extremadura.

Suitable for: Families, adults, students and other groups, senior citizens…

Season: All year.

Keywords: Walking Sierra de San Pedro, gastronomy Extremadura, watching eagles, black vultures, stripping the cork, dolmens, Sierra de San Pedro, cork oak forest, bird photography, etc.

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