In the rural town of Llofriu there is an annual Fair to mark the harvesting of cork in local forests. Come along and see how valuable this resource is and how many other products are produced locally.

Throughout the day you can see how the cork is stripped from the trees by hand in cork oak forests nearby. Local wines, cheeses, honey and other products are another attraction of the fair, as are craft workshops and traditional cork stopper making for children and adults alike.

This is combined with fun events and lunch and dinner on a scale large enough for all who have come along; a great place to have a day out with the family and experience what this unique forest has to offer.

Stripping of the Cork Fair, Llofriu. Photo: Courtesy of RETECORK

Area: Llofriu. Les Gavarres, Girona.

Suitable for: Families, adults, students and other groups, senior citizens…

Season: Late June, usually the weekend before San Juan (June 24th).

Keywords: Cork harvesting, Les Gavarres, Stripping of the cork fair, Llofriu, Costa Brava, family activities in Les Gavarres, cork oak forest, etc.

More information: www.museudelsuro.cat