Come to Les Gavarres, where the landscape and cork are inescapably linked in an irrestible combination.

Spend a weekend exploring the gentle, rolling hills that make up Les Gavarres. This heavily wooded area of Mediterranean forest stretches down to the sea and it is here, in this dense woodland, that you will see how the bark is removed from the trees. Cork has been harvested here for centuries, and is a sustainable industry that has survived the passing of time thanks to its traditional methods. Visit the Cork Museum to further understand how this has been possible and a prestigious factory where wine stoppers are produced using the natural product. Round all this off by touring some of the most interesting, organic wineries and sampling the flagship wine of the region, cava, before returning to the comfort of your charming resting place in one of the peaceful medieval villages here.

Let cork lead the way through Les Gavarres Massif. Photo: Courtesy of Two Birds One Stone

Area: Les Gavarres, Girona.

Suitable for: Families, adults, students and other groups, senior citizens…

Season: All year.

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