The Montnegre and Corredor Nature Reserve, between the sea and the mountains, awaits you 365 days a year.

The way of life that has evolved around cork, and the flora and fauna of the Montnegre and Corredor Nature Reserve come alive for you on this walk among the Mediterrean cork oaks. Moderate walk for lovers of the natural world around us and its traditions.

Discovering the mediterranean cork oak forests. Photo: Courtesy of Hike and Bike

Area: Montnegre and Corredor Nature Reserve, Barcelona.

Suitable for: Botany enthusiasts, hikers, families, school trips, senior citizens…

Season: All year.

Keywords: Hiking trails, Maresme, Montnegre Nature Reserve, Mediterranean cork oaks, cork, nature, adventure in cork oak forests, Quercus suber, etc.

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